Hosted by Dan and Cameron, RPGold is a journey in the way-back machine to the era of swords and sorcerers, might and magic – the Golden Age of Role-Playing video games.

Each show, RPGold will extensively cover a game from the golden age of RPG’s – 1993-2006, from the SNES/Genesis era, through to the end of the reign of PS2, Xbox and Gamecube, with PC, N64 and everything in between! Games include traditional RPG’s, J-RPG’s, Western RPG’s, MMORPG’s and Action-RPG’s, and anything in between – and we even take requests!

Topics that will be covered include game history, gameplay highlights, stories, soundtracks, fun facts and trivia.

Old-school gamer looking for that nostalgia fix? RPGold has you covered!

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