Upcoming Events: August

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Hi gang!

Mark your calendars for a two upcoming events shown below. I'll be posting a more detailed update on Louie's adoption celebration in the coming week so you can maximize your prize achieving dreams!

CMS Africa Academy

On Friday and Saturday (Aug 2 & 3) we are participating in raising money for CMS Africa Academy with the ESO Stream Team. CMS Africa Academy is a Community based organization that seeks to engage and support students, graduates, African Youth in tech and start-ups that deal with web applications, frameworks, and platforms using open source content management systems.

Stream Goodies During the Event

  • Drops will be enabled during the stream, so make sure you hangout to get your freebies while supporting a good cause!

  • We will be giving away one "choice of pet OR costume" (it needs to be something ZOS has currently or have previously sold in the Crown Store. It cannot be a Crate exclusive.)

Rewards for Donating

ZeniMax is provide us with giveaways that will be given to random donors after the event has ended. When donating on stream, please leave your platform, server and user id in the donation message.

Each donation is one raffle ticket, each 10$ donated is another raffle ticket.

Raffle prizes include:

  • 1500 Crown Pack

  • 1500 Crown Pack

  • 3000 Crown Pack

  • 3000 Crown Pack

  • Copy of Elsweyr (upgrade only)

  • Copy of Scalebreaker DLC CE

  • Fezez the Merchant

  • Ezabi the Banker

  • Meridian Sabre Cat (mount)

  • Grand Topal Hideaway (house, will be empty [no furnishings])

Donate here!

Louie Adoption Celebration

With setbacks in shipping, we had to push the event back a few weeks, but this will give us more time to stock up on goodies to feed the master!

Tentative Date: Saturday, Aug 17

Subathon Style: Every hour we add to the clock will do a giveaway: either Louie gets a meaty snack or chat gets to enter for an ESO code.

This post will be updated with further information as it develops.



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