Twitch Subs: Sub Sundays

Hi gang!

By now, I imagine most of you know how important Twitch Subscribers (Subs) are to a Twitch Streamer's career. Subs are a great way for streamers to make a sustainable income while offering perks to the community.

Traditional perks offered directly by Twitch include:

  • Ad-free viewing of the stream

  • KDS emotes

  • Ability to post links in chat

To further expand the perks for our Twitch Subs and to deepen our communities ties, we are introducing Sub Sundays. Each Sunday at 8p ET, we are meeting in a room to view a few episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. To do this, you'll need to subscribe on Twitch AND link your Twitch and Discord.

Am I already linked?

If your name is Purple on the discord server and/or you can see the #Twitch-Subs room, then yes!

If not, follow these steps!

Where can I get the link?

1. Sub on Twitch (consider Twitch prime or additional Twitch Sub Tiers)

2. Link your Discord and Twitch account

3. Go to the #Twitch-Subs channel on Discord

4. In the channel, click the latest link. This will always change and is often not posted prior to 8p ET

What is Twitch Prime?

If you are already paying for Amazon Prime, you can link it to your Twitch account and give a FREE Sub every month! Keep in mind, you do have to manually renew the Sub - it does not renew without you pressing the button

Why go to a higher tier Subs?

Higher tier Subs unlock the use of additional emotes and give you more entries when I run giveaways via Higher tier Subs also provide more money to streamers.


Subscribe to Kyle Dempster Studios and get access to our exclusive Sub Sunday viewing parties and possibly Small-Game Sundays (TBD)



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