Twitch Drops - October 10

Hey gang,

The following schedule is from the amazing Gina Bruno:

Dragonhold PC/Mac Launch

  • Date: October 21 at 6pm EDT until October 22 at 6pm EDT

  • Channels: ESO Stream Team Members

  • Drops will go out on October 22 at 6pm EDT

Dragonhold PC/Mac Launch Weekend & Witches Festival Celebration

  • Date: October 25 at 10am EDT until October 27 at 11pm EDT

  • Channels: All ESO Streamers

  • Drops will go out each day at 10am EDT starting on October 26

How do I link my ESO & Twitch account?

  1. Follow the stream and stay for a chance to get drops. Do not mute the stream through the Twitch player. This will invalidate your chances to get drops.

  2. Visit

  3. Under Account Summary choose Linked Accounts

  4. Click Link Twitch Account

  5. You're done! Now you never need to type !drops in Twitch ever again. It's a one time thing; link your account once, watch the stream when Drops Are Enabled and you'll qualify for a chance to get crates/other goodies!

  6. You can add the Drops schedule directly to your phone using this link!

  7. ZOS recently began publishing their Twitch Drops schedule on the forums. I've heard from the community that people are missing out on these announcements, so I am continuing to promote the schedule here and via the newsletter. Feel free to share this post within any guilds/discords that you think might benefit from the information.



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