Streamloots Update: 2019.07.07

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Hey gang!

Since The Sims has been such a successful game on the stream, I thought it would be fun chat to shake the house up. Streamloots is the perfect tool for it!

You can buy packs of cards here and redeem them during the stream for fun effects! Make sure I see you play the card because sometimes they can be hard to spot.

Want some free Streamloots chests? Consider becoming a Discord Nitro Booster. With our new perks, you can get four (4) free crates per month!

In addition to adding The Sims cards, I also lowered the fragment counts required for some cards. This was done to make cards easier to play while retaining their rarity.

We also brought back some favorites from the original set of cards:

And now we prepare to say goodbye to a card:

If you have the No Bar Swapping card, make sure to deconstruct it before July 14!

Speaking of deconstructing, on July 13 we will be bringing back the previous deck of cards so that people holding onto them may deconstruct them for points. If you have a valuable card, you will be a be able to play it that day, but you will not be permitted to buy from the old deck. (You can differentiate the old deck as it has an old art theme that no longer matches).

Cards that require Crowns

Part of this re-balancing was due to the number of crown cards that were redeemed in a short period of time. This absorbed my crown allotment and resulted in a shortage of crown cards being able to be redeemed. I have purchased crowns and will be fulfilling cards starting July 8.



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