Streamloots Update: 2019.07.21

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Hi gang,

Welcome to the July 21 update for Streamloots. Last week, we introduced an additional five (5) new Sims related cards to the deck. This week, we continue the cycle!

This week, we are introducing five (5) additional cards related to the Sims.

  • Buy a new house - Legendary

  • Adopt a Child - Epic 3 parts

  • New Romance - Rare 2 parts

  • New Vampire Thrall - Rare 2 parts

  • Fire a Maid - Common 2 parts

This is a new weekly, cycle I wish to continue with Streamloots: five (5) new cards added each week with occasional cards being decommissioned with a week's notice.

Stay tuned to the blog for updates, and let me know what cards you want to see in the comments blow!

PS: Keep your eyes open for links like this one at the bottom of our blog posts! It'll get you free card packs. *wink wink*



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