Streamloots Update: 2019.07.14

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Hi gang,

Welcome to the July 14 update for Streamloots. Last week, we introduced five (5) new Sims related cards to the deck, removed a Bar Swap card, and made the original deck of cards (from early 2019) available for deconstruction.

This week, we are introducing five (5) additional cards related to the Sims.

  • Adopt a Dog - Legendary

  • Vamp a Sim - Epic 2 parts

  • Vacation Time - Epic 2 parts

  • Main Another Sim - Rare 2 parts

  • Hire a Maid - Common 2 parts

Like the idea of hiring a maid? Want to fire a maid? Well, that card is coming next week as part of a new cycle: five (5) new cards added each week with occasional cards being decommissioned with a week's notice.

Stay tuned to the blog for updates, and let me know what cards you want to see in the comments blow! PS: to raise awareness for the blog, here's a coupon for FREE Streamloots! First 10 people to click it get a free chest!



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