Stream Upgrade Subathon!

Hey gang!

It's that time of the year again when us streamers look at our setup and go "WHY IS THERE THAT LITTLE THING THAT IS BOTHERING ME SO MUCH?! EVERYONE CAN SEE IT" *no one can*

As such, I thought it would be fun to do a 12-hour subathon to celebrate our little obsessions! The Subathon will begin on Friday, September 27 and (if we go over 12 hours) continue on Saturday, September 28!

My goal for this subathon is to raise money to update emotes and upgrade my streaming rig. Below is the list of items I'm looking to upgrade/update:

  • Ryzen 3900x

  • Dark Rock Pro 4 Fan

  • Asus Crosshair Hero VIII

  • Trident Z Neo RAM 32gb, 3600 mHz, CL 14-16

  • Case????

  • Emote Redo

  • New Stream Overlays

How it works

The Subathon will start with 2 hours on the clock. Our overarching goal will be to reach 800 Subs to unlock more emotes. The stream will max out at 12 hours, BUT the extra time will be applied to the following streams (each for a max of 12 hours)

Each Sub and Bit Donation will increase the length of the stream and unlock more giveaways:​

  • Each Sub gifted increases the duration of the stream by 5 minutes. ​

  • Every 100-bit donation increases the duration of the stream by 1 minute.​

  • Every time you do a sub bomb (or singular gifted sub) you will receive one of our new Halloween Streamloot packs! This is a great way to stock up on jumpscares while helping out new community members!


​Every two-hours on stream, we will give away an item from the list below:

Giveaways are limited to two per winner. A winner is limited to one of each type of giveaway item.



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