Doggo Charity | Dungeon runs with the ZOS Creative Director

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Hey gang!

This weekend, September 13-15 the KDS Fam will be hosting its first charity event. We will be supporting the efforts of OZR Great Dane Rescue. This charity is close to our hearts as Terri Lambert works for the rescue and has adopted a few pups of her own.

Join us this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 2p ET to play Elder Scrolls Online while raising money for the event. We will be running public dungeons, normal & vet dungeons, fishing, and more!

Rich Lambert, ESO's Creative Director, will also be running Community Dungeons with us on Friday and Saturday. These nights, we will put together a queue in chat and people can add their name to the list.

Stream Goodies During the Event

  • Drops will be enabled during the stream, so make sure you hangout to get your freebies while supporting a good cause!

  • We will be giving away one of the in-game Great Dane pets

How can I donate?

This donate link will activate on Friday.

As we hit donation milestones, giveaways will unlock throughout the stream!

More details to come!

How do I link my ESO & Twitch account?

  1. Visit

  2. Under Account Summary choose Linked Accounts

  3. Click Link Twitch Account

  4. You're done! Now you never need to type !drops in Twitch ever again. It's a one time thing; link your account once, watch the stream when Drops Are Enabled and you'll qualify for a chance to get crates/other goodies!



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