Discord Nitro Boost

Hello Discord users!

In June, Discord created a way for those that have Discord Nitro to boost one server of their choice. This boost works much like a Twitch Prime Sub: if you already pay for Nitro, the boost is free.

What is a Boost?

Discord Nitro Subscribers (premium tier or grandfathered into the old system) get to boost one (1) server. You can only use your Nitro Boost once every seven (7) days to prevent too much flip flopping. If you wish to keep boosting one server indefinitely, all you have to do is boost it once! It doesn’t require you to renew it like a Twitch Prime Sub does.

How does a Boost help a server?

When a server receives a certain amount of boosts (2, 10, 50) we unlock Server Levels which include unique perks like additional emote slots, larger file uploads for all members, a banner for the server (top left of the server page), and more!

How do I Boost if I already own Nitro?

Easy! Keep in mind, this only works on the Desktop or Web version of Discord at this time - not mobile.

1. Click on the name of the server in the top left. This will open a drop-down menu.

2. Click on the Nitro Server Boost in pink text.

3. You'll be presented with a pop-up showing the server's progress. Click the Boost This Sever button in the bottom right.

4. You're done!

Pro-tip: There is another way to do this by going into your User Settings and clicking the Discord Nitro tab on the lefthand side.

Why Boost the Kyle Dempster Studios server?

For starters, you get a fancy role/name color and a badge on your Discord profile. But we think you should get more than that. That’s why we also include:

  1. An exclusive Nitro channel were you can share emotes you want added to the server. Since you are a Nitro Subscriber, you’ll be able to use these emotes all over Discord! This channel will also be a great place for you to provide feedback for the server moving forward.

  2. Exclusive Nitro only group calls. Much like a Google Hangout, we will plan times to get together and chat as a group.

  3. An exclusive early access reward: StreamLoot crates. For each week you stay subscribed, you'll receive a free StreamLoot crate to redeem on the Twitch stream! These will be calculated at the end of each month. So, subscribe early and stay FOREVER! Mauhahaha.... oh, yes, free crates though.

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