Discord Clips Giveaway

Hey gang! You're probably familiar with the Clips Giveaway concept by now, but I wanted to make a post that spells it out.

I've been working on some YouTube compilations of my Twitch Clips. They're a great way for people to enjoy a little laugh and look back at the fun we had in the previous week. To promote people to clip and share them, we are giving away an ESO Code each week. Each clip you post will count as an entry to a raffle. We will pick a winner and provide the code the following week.

How do I participate?

Post clips in the #Twitch-Clips channel on Discord by end-of-stream Saturday night. The clips must:

  1. Have substance (cannot be Kyle AFK or focus faced with no interesting content)

  2. Be from the previous week (Mon-Sat)

  3. Be created by you

  4. Be titled and trimmed

How do I clip on Twitch?

Clipping on Twitch can be done with Alt + X or you can follow this guide.

Can I see some samples?

But of course!

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