Twitch Drops: Feb 14-16

Hey gang, The following schedule is from the ESO Website:

Date: 2/14/20 @ 10AM - 2/16/20 @ 11PM EST

Channels: ESO Stream Team Members

Delivery: 2/15/20 @ 10AM, 2/16/20 @ 10AM, 2/17/20 @ 10AM EST Also, ESO released a fun dating simulator!


We're running a Subathon over drops weekend. The Subathon will start with 4 hours on the clock. Our goal is to reach 800 Subs to unlock more emotes! The stream will max out at 12 hours today and will go into tomorrow's stream!

Each Sub and Bit Donation will increase the length of the stream and unlock more giveaways:​

  • Each Sub gifted increases the duration of the stream by 5 minutes. ​

  • Every 100-bit donation increases the duration of the stream by 1 minute.​

How do I link my ESO & Twitch account?

  1. Follow the stream and stay for a chance to get drops. Do not mute the stream through the Twitch player. This will invalidate your chances to get drops.

  2. Visit

  3. Under Account Summary choose Linked Accounts

  4. Click Link Twitch Account

  5. You're done! Now you never need to type !drops in Twitch ever again. It's a one time thing; link your account once, watch the stream when Drops Are Enabled and you'll qualify for a chance to get crates/other goodies!

  6. Console players, if you need additional help, use this guide created by ZOS.

  7. You can add the Drops schedule directly to your phone using this link!

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