Black Friday Subathon

Hey gang!

We're ringing in the Amazon Season with a Black Friday Subathon on Twitch starting at 10am ET on Friday, Nov. 29.

During the stream, you'll have chances to win ESO codes (Torchbug, Bantam Guar, 1,500 Crown Pack, ESO+, Elsweyr), gold, and furnishings!

Enter the first giveaway here!

New Louie Snacks

For the holiday season, for every 500-bit donation to the stream, Louie will receive a wrapped mystery snack. Will you be gifting Louie steak, Dentastix, or coal?

How it works

The Subathon will start with 2 hours on the clock. Our goal is to reach 800 Subs to unlock more emotes! The stream will max out at 24 hours.

Each Sub and Bit Donation will increase the length of the stream and unlock more giveaways:​

  • Each Sub gifted increases the duration of the stream by 5 minutes. ​

  • Every 100-bit donation increases the duration of the stream by 1 minute.​


​Every two-hours on stream, we will give away an item from the list below:

  • Elsweyr

  • Crown Packs

  • Torchbugs

  • Hot Blooded Bantam Guars​

Giveaways are limited to two per winner. A winner is limited to one of each type of giveaway item.

Don't forget to enter the first giveaway here!



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