Welcome to the Kyle Dempster Studios guild!

Operating exclusively on PC-North America, we have a Social/Trading guild that is the most welcoming family on the internet.

Whether you're a new player, a solo player, or someone looking for a supportive community, our doors are always open.

Our guild is a place to educate fellow players and a place to enjoy the game to its fullest. No matter your background IRL or in-game, we believe that ESO and its community are a wonderful escape.

As we have grown, our guild offers:​

  • Guild Trader

  • Multiple Guild Halls

  • Discord Server

  • Weekly Events

Find an event that you're interested in! 

Our guild hosts weekly events that you can get involved with! 

To maintain our trader, we're always looking for donations, and if you'd like to help us raise that money, consider joining our Fishing Party.


If you'd like help with your build, join us on Friday nights as we dissect peoples' setups and try to help with any hurdles.

Be the first to say, "hello"​

By using "/g1 yourmessage here" you can talk in guild chat. If we're not your first guild, you might need to change the /g1 to /g2, etc.

When you log into the game each day, try saying hello and asking what people are up to. Offering a helping hand on a quest, dungeon, or other activity can be a great way to make friends! 

Remember, other people might be busy​

Regardless of how many people are currently online in the guild, remember that they may be in the middle of questions of their own. If they aren't responsive in guild chat, try asking again at a later time. 

Need help in a dungeon?

If you're looking for help in a dungeon or even a question, feel free to ask in guild chat! 

Tell people your goals and your experience for the best, most helpful journey. Being upfront that you are new and could use instruction is a great way to recruit the right people to help.


The same goes if you are trying to quest through a dungeon. Many people want to do this, but most people's default will be to rush to the last boss. Tell people before inviting them to a group that you're looking to quest and take your time. Many people will join just for this reason!  

Creating a "regular" dungeon group​

One of the best way to progress as a player in ESO and as a dungeon runner is to find a "regular" group to play with.

To find people that would be interested in running with you on a regular basis, ask in the #lfg channel in discord! 



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