Buying the right copy of Elder Scrolls Online can be a challenge. Use our guide to support the stream and pitbull rescues in the process by using Humble Bundle!


As a reminder, we do not encourage using Steam for ESO as it has login and launch issues. Purchasing through Humble Bundle or the ESO website prevents these issues. Purchases through HumbleBundle are not Steam codes.

History of ESO Chapters:

Elder Scrolls Online has released four Chapters as of Summer 2020:

  • Morrowind in 2017

  • Summerset in 2018

  • Elsweyr in 2019

  • Greymoor in May 2020


There have also been many smaller DLC releases over the years. Purchasing the DLC individually locks them to the server and platform you make the purchase on. We recommend instead subscribing to ESO Plus.

ESO Plus provides access to all of the DLC, but remember that Greymoor is considered a Chapter (not DLC) and is not included in ESO Plus. 

Q. What classes are in Elder Scrolls Online?

A. Currently, there are six classes, four of which are base game. The base game classes are as follows:

  • Dragonknight (A Pyromancer/flame-based knight with dragon-esque qualities)

  • Sorcerer (An Electromancer, Dark-Magic User, and Daedric Summoner)

  • Nightblade (Blood/Shadow magic rogue)

  • Templar (Light Mage/Holy Palladin)

The DLC Classes are:

  • Warden (Nature & Ice Magic Druid)

  • Necromancer (Undead Summoner, Bone-augmentations, and Death mage) 

Q. What class is the best?

A. Any class can use any weapon or armor type combination. Your biggest concern is what playstyle you're going to use [Magicka/Stamina] and whether you want to be a Tank, Healer, or DPS. All classes can fill all roles, use any armor type (or combination), and any weapon.

Q. Should I get ESO Plus? What does it include?

A. ESO Plus comes with: ALL DLCs past and future, 1650 crowns per month, exclusive crown store offers and free crown store items, bottomless craft bag for crafting mats, double bank space, double housing items and visitor limits, 10% XP, inspiration, research, and gold looting bonuses, costume dying, AND MORE

Q. Should I buy the game for PC or a console I have?

A. Kyle always recommends PC since the KDS guild is on the PC NA server. Aside from this, PC has addon support and receives game updates two weeks earlier. 

Q. What addons does Kyle use?

A. You can find the full list on Discord in the #eso-faq channel



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