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Hosted by Kyle, Dan, and Wouter, Civ Cast is a Sid Meier's Civilization podcast delivering the latest Civ news each Sunday.

Civ Cast covers the latest headlines, tips, patch notes and more for Firaxis' Civilization VI. If you've been searching for a Civilization podcast, look no further!

This show primarily covers Sid Meier's Civilization VI but also discusses Civilization IV, Civilization V, and Civilization: Beyond Earth.

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Are you ready to test your might against other listeners? Civ Cast is bringing you a unique scenario each month! 

This month's challenge:



OPPONENTS: France, Germany, India, Sumeria, Greece (Gorgo)

MAP: Continents (Make sure to use the seeds listed below)

MAP SIZE: 6-person (Small)

SPEED: Normal




DATES: September 3-30

Game random seed: -742668085

Map random Seed: -742668084



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