Informative and Entertaining

"It's great to have all of the Civ VI news consolidated into a convenient and entertaining format. This show is informative, and I love hearing analysis from both a more casual player (like me) and someone who is really into all of the in-depth stats and strats. If you are into Civ and looking forward to VI's release, then I highly recommend this podcast!"

- Hbjelly7

THE Civ Podcast

"...if you're a fan of Civilzation and of podcast you should already have clicked subscribe...If you want to get in to a new podcast and you are waiting anxiously for CIV VI I cannot recommend the Civ Cast enough."

- Book81able (aka Elijah C)

All Hail Civ

"Just a great talk about CiV..."

- Aoc33


I was pretty skeptical that it could make an entertaining enough show. You definitely succeeded! Looking forward to more and will continue to tune in!

- Ty