Civ Cast Challenge 

Welcome to the #CivCastChallenge! Each month, we organize a friendly challenge between listeners using the victory conditions below.

All you need to do is set up a game using the parameters below and tweet your progress using #CivCastChallenge and tagging our Twitter account @Civ_Cast. 

Not on Twitter? You can also post your victory screen to our CivCastChallenge Sticky post on Reddit. You're welcome to create a new Reddit post describing your win, but make sure to add to the Sticky to be included in the running! 

The winner is the one who completes the challenge the fastest. We like to call people out on the show for their success and love having Imgur stories to share with the community! 

This month's challenge:

  • YOUR CIV (pick one of): Either Norway or Sumeria

    OPPONENTS: Any 7

    MAP: Either Pangaea (if Norway) or Islands (if Sumeria)

    MAP SIZE: 8-person (Standard)

    SPEED: Standard

    RESOURCES: Standard

    VIC TYPE: Science (if Norway) or Religious (if Sumeria)

    DIFFICULTY: Emperor

    DATES: June 4-25



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*You are only required to complete the form the first time you play. The information requested below is used to organize our leaderboard.

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