To celebrate Kyle's Two-Year Twitch Anniversary, we are having a day filled with ESO Code giveaways and special effects when a specific amount of subs are gifted at one time.

Gifting Subs

Gift 1 Sub: Kyle must drink from the Camel mug

Gift 3 Subs: Ride Camel mount for 30 minutes

Gift 5 Subs: Freddy reads English to French (At our discretion)

Gift 10 Subs: Kyle Eats Camel Jerky

Gift 15 Subs: Kyle wears the Camel mask for 5 minutes

Gift 20 Subs: Freddy reads a line from Lusty Argonian Maid

Gift 50 Subs: Kyle will make you into the Sims 4 (either guide Kyle to create the perfect sim or you provide a picture)

Want to know how sub gifting works? Use this handy guide that explains it all!


The day will be filled with random giveaways AND a giveaway each time the stream has accumulated 20 Sub Points. Subs, Resubs, and Gifted Subs will count towards these goals.

Sub points work as follows:

Tier 1 sub = 1 sub point

Tier 2 sub = 2 sub points

Tier 3 sub = 5 sub points

Each time we accumulate 20 Sub Points, one of the following items will be given away: 

*Giveaways are limited to two per winner. A winner is limited to one of each type of giveaway item.

Pre-Stream Giveaway

Join a pre-stream giveaway here!



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