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Our Podcasts


Our Podcasts

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Hosted by Kyle, Dan, and Wouter, Civ Cast is your weekly dose of Sid Meier's Civilization news in podcast form!

Each week Civ Cast covers the latest headlines, tips, patch notes and more for Firaxis' Civilization VI. If you've been searching for a Civilization podcast, look no further!

This show primarily covers Sid Meier's Civilization VI but also discusses Civilization IV, Civilization V, and Civilization: Beyond Earth.


Hosted by Kyle and Joe, the How Original Podcast is your journey through the golden age of television. And what makes these two qualified to captain such a ship? Both cord-cutters, Kyle works in the entertainment industry while Joe works in mental health. 

At the end of the day, these guys just like to talk about TV, art, life, and the world..  How original... 

*HOP is on hiatus as of 2016.

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Our Hosts

Our Hosts

Meet the crew of the Kyle Dempster Studios Network below.

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Kyle Dempster

Founder of Kyle Dempster Studios, Kyle hosts the HOW ORIGINAL PODCAST and CIV CAST.

joe pancake

Co-host of the HOW ORIGINAL PODCAST.          


Dan MacDonald

Co-host of CIV CAST.